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We have a wide variety of wholesale e-juice available. Whether you are looking for something fruity, something desert like, or something that has a menthol finish. We also have a variety e-juices that have different levels of nicotine. Each e-juice line we have decided to partner with is of the highest quality. Making sure you get a bang for your buck.

E-juices are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes, you can work your way down in the level of nicotine content that you are in taking. When switching you can start with Nic- salt e-juices. This way you can start cutting that craving for nicotine. Working your way down from 50mg nic-salt, down to 30-25 nic-salt, then you can start moving down from 6mg e-juice, to 3mg e-juice and the 0mg e-juice.

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